» » Shackleton / Demdike Stare - Archive Series: #1
Shackleton / Demdike Stare - Archive Series: #1 MP3

Shackleton / Demdike Stare - Archive Series: #1 MP3

Performer: Shackleton / Demdike Stare
Title: Archive Series: #1
Style: Dubstep
Released: May 2015
Cat#: DDS-012
Country: UK
Label: DDS
Size MP3 version: 2371 mb
Size FLAC version: 1382 mb
Size WMA version: 1065 mb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 063
Genre: Electronic

Shackleton / Demdike Stare - Archive Series: #1 MP3


1 Cassette
3Demdike StareUntitled
4Demdike StareUntitled


Official release of a ten year old dubplate. Sold with a DJ mix by Demdike Stare and tote bag. No credits or durations on release.


  • Distributed By – Boomkat
  • Manufactured By – Boomkat


Sadaron above the Gods
looking for just the vinyl if anyone is selling .
Assume most know but for those wondering the vocal is from cutty ranks - the stomper. also used on dj moonraker - lion king
Having listened to the cassette now as well as the plate I am impressed with the overall release and the missus likes the tote bag so all good!! just sayin.....
Ha ha! I always give my missus the totes. I'm easily amused, so I Iike the idea of her wandering about with her 'peacefrog records' tote, suggesting she's into some early Luke Slater, Moodymann or Paul Johnson vibes. If only.
I agree. It's a great release and the cassette mix is also amazing. I use a shure m44-7 and I usually have it set at 1.5 gauge, however I have to set it heavier to about 2.5 for this vinyl. It's not a problem.
The tote rules.
I hate seeing all this negative stuff on hear about this release. I want to thank the guys from Demdike Stare for going through the effort to put out this great package. Despite what everyone is saying I think it is an excellent value for the price. It is a much more interesting release than 90% of what is going out nowadays. I hope they continue doing this archive series just the way it is. And all the people claiming something is wrong with the pressing I can assure you that it is fine and the problem is your turntable set up/settings. The needle "shaking" is it reading the extremely deep grooves and low frequency and if your turntable isn't set just right or kinda sucks like an old Sony I also have, it will cause it to jump grooves. It plays great on the Audio-Technica ATLP-1240 with Shure Whitelabel I have, but the old Sony I have it skips on just like everyone says. Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty are great guys and truly love music, that is why they went through the trouble to release this. It could have very easily just have fallen into obscurity, we should be thanking them for this release not complaining.
if only it were the dubplate on its own at a reasonable price and the option to buy the extra stuff for those who want it :(
This pressing is abit dodgy, I bought 2, one for a friend and myself, luckily mine was ok and played fine, however the other would jump at the begining and nearer to the to the end. needle shook all they way through, we took it back, managed to get a third copy and exactly the same problems occurred as the 2nd copy prior.
Same here. Was wondering if my turntable is adjusted correctly but now I at least know that it's the record...
Why is it labeled as mispressed ???
Content:- One cheapo 1-sided whitelabel/quasi-mispress. - One cheapo (generic) mixtape featuring music for which no royalties were paid (once again).- One totebagConclusion: the ultimate bandwagoning hipster "survival kit".
Mitars Riders
Nope. 100% objectivity & facts.Except for the mocking conclusion ;)
Anyone would think you were somewhat biased :D
For mine the needle shakes a lot but doesn't jump.
I don't know what you lot are moaning about, you get a free flipping tote bag.No problem with the pressing either.
Have also issues with my copy. Needle shakes and jumps at the beginning and the end of the track. The middle part works well.
My vinyl copy plays fine. My cassette makes a weird noise when played in the turntable though. I tried to put it with and without the cover and still the same: needle jumps and falls in the slipmatt.
Try rewinding it and then putting it in the Tote bag and putting on top of a large dog?
My totebag contained so much hot air I had to buy emission credits!
as far as i can tell the pressing is fine. no warps or anything. i think that the demdikes would take great care while recreating this as they are extremely mad about records and would do it correctly. is there such a thing as a perfect setup? not being sarcastic. turntables differ so greatly + environmental factors etc., ad nauseam... all i know is that it made it through a horrible 95 degrees fahrenheit day (just got it) so...
Hah. This sort of shit always makes me laugh. Like one comment I saw about Dominic Fernow buying a Ferrari on the back of some limited Vatican Shadow tape release. Of course thats why people get into releasing limited runs of obscure, marginal music on legacy formats, obvious really isn't it?
Yes...I've heard that "The Demdikes [and] Boomkat" are funding posh, early retirements solely with the enormous windfall of cash they are raking in by selling a few hundred-- perhaps even a few thousand (!)-- packages containing a specially cut 12", an original cassette, and a tote bag...all for the outrageous sum of around $25.00 USD. Word on the street is that "The Demdikes [and] Boomkat" will be featured on the cover of the August 2015 edition of Forbes Magazine, simply rolling about in enormous amounts of banknotes from all over the globe.
The Demdikes nor Boomkat (who is behind DDS) care in the least bit to be honest.Business as usual. The show must go on.
you wrote: "as far as i can tell the pressing is fine" - so why so many people (inclusive me) have the 'visible' problem with the stylus movement? i also don't think that everyone have bad environmental factors like you suggest here.then you wrote 'i think that the demdikes would take great care while recreating this...' that is just a guess from you and my argument with the low cut problem i described in my comment below could really be the problem.
i have checked two different Vinyl cuts with a perfect set up on my technics sl-1210 mkii turntable player. it plays without skip but this is definitely a miss-pressing.the email from boomkat is bullshit...the stylus doesn't follow the groove exactly, this happens because this 12” cut was to loud and without a low frequencies cut. normally there is a low cut at 20/30hz which make sense because this sub-frequencies are outside the listening and loudspeaker range. the turntable technic is not made for frequencies below 30Hz.
So now we have to buy a shitty single-sided dubstep record just to get a Demdike tape? First it was some art, now it's this . . . and they even threw in their sac too . . .
ttommass So now we have to buy a shitty single-sided dubstep record just to get a Demdike tape? First it was some art, now it's this . . . and they even threw in their sac too . . . If you don't want the record - just sell it. There are plenty of people who want the vinyl and not the tape. Please contact me for more simple solutions to the issues that are upsetting you.
Art? Nah, it was cheapo commerce from the start.
Mine plays perfect. Wish they pressed the first track off that mary anne hobbs mix instead though!
Mine plays fine. Y'all just need a decent setup ;)
Had similar problems to what everyone is talking about, emailed Boomkat and got this back:"This 12” is cut really loud so unfortunately some setups will affect how it plays back even if you dont experience any issues playing other records - the 12" contains extreme low frequencies and is cut loud for maximum impact, so where a turntable is not calibrated to optimum working performance you may experience tracking errors.""At the mastering stage the records are checked on 4 playback systems for sound quality and trackability, and only when they have passed those tests are the lacquers sent off for manufacture. The pressing plant will then check the test pressings on at least one playback system, and only if they pass that test are they sent back to for evaluation. We then check the test pressings on a number of turntables, and only if they pass those tests is the order for manufacturing the run of finished copies given."
record is broken.
There's a lot of visible stylus movement from the outset, which makes it looks like as though it's vibrating, so the grooves are very busy, which may be throwing lighter cartridges. But this isn't much of a review. Really solid bass vocals which bring Prince Far I to mind, although these are pitch shifted. The percussion (and everything else) is generally very minimal and Deep Dubstep (Juno, where there are still copies available and cheaper than boomkat) is a pretty good desciption. It doesn't particularly remind of either Shackleton or early Skull Disco.
Anyone else's copy have a warp in the middle of the track?
Not here dude, played it through yesterday and it was fine, I have my anti-skating set on full if that helps? If it's not playable I would send it back for that price!
does anyone knows how many copies were made?
my copy skips directly after the first lines of the vocals. anyone else facing this issue?
Scoreboard Bleeding
mine warps like half way through
I have the same problem... I have one Ortofon 2M Red, with 3gr it's ok ;-)
ok. found out: it's cut really loud and of course bass heavy. this makes it very very sensitive to the right anti-skating setting...
105€, come on guys.. Still on Redeye FYI...
Right, fuck this. This boutique vinyl bullshit is getting out of hand. Do you buy vinyl because you love the sound and/or you're a vinyl DJ, or do you buy it to hang on your fucking wall? You're looking at an average of about 15QUID/22EURO for ONE TRACK!!! And that's before the touts get their grimy little hands on it.Cassettes, I don't give a shit what anyone says, they're only for the hippest of the hip, at least vinyl has a practical application. I've not even owned a cassette player since 1999. And a Tote bag, wtf? Who needs, wants, cares about a disposable canvas bag? Unless you want to prance about summer festivals wearing it as an accessory to complement your Ray Ban Wayfarer Max IIs and suede deck shoes?Just give me the tunes for a reasonable price and fuck all the other bullshit. Please.
I like all the included stuff. I f you don't you don't have to buy it.
No. Just a general despondency at the gimmicky approach with this and other dub plate releases recently. I only wanted the record and do not like paying 2.5 times the price of a single for a bag and cassette that could be sold separately if people wanted them. It's one side after all so in my mind it's £18 for one track. A bit salty is all. Just sayin.....
i paid the £20 for the cassette alone to be honest, demdike mixes always on point
The entitlement is strong here..
Beautifully put Mezzum. If it wasn't for the fact that I wanted the tune I would have fucked this one off as a bad idea. I don't want the Tote bag as I am not female or the cassette tbh, just the plate, as most vinyl enthusiasts are into records.......call me old fashioned!?! And the tout prices are frikkin nuts man esp as its still available in the shops!! what a tune though.......
In stock at Phonica, don't get gouged!